ORANGE Cloud Servers

ORANGE Cloud Computing Solutions

ORANGE “Cloud Computing Solutions” are ideal for Small Business Clients as well as organizations with fluctuating needs. Scaling up while they grow is just as simple as scaling down as their business needs change. This level of operational agility provides our clients the edge they need over competitors.  Data backup, recovery, and AV protection is included with all ORANGE “Cloud Computing Solutions.” Our clients can be sure that their company data is safe and secure. When disaster strikes, they can rely on us to help them pick up exactly where they left off

ORANGE “Cloud” Servers are located off premises in a secure data center within the continental United States. We provide all Server updates, upgrades, installations, and end user support for our “Cloud” clients

The high cost of hardware acquisition is eliminated. Our subscription-based models allow our customers to simply pay as they go while we take care of the hardware requirements. This ease of set up and management lets our customers remain focused on what they do best –manage their business

ORANGE “Cloud Computing Solutions” provides your Staff management and employees with the ability to access, edit, and share documents anytime from anywhere in the world. Your entire staff will have the ability to do more together and do it better. Real-time data allows for the highest level of collaborative visibility

Tier 3 Data Center

All cloud data is stored in a US-based data center. There is also a redundant backup system in a different geographical US location
Internet Connection(s) have been designed with redundancy. In the unlikely event, the center experiences an outage with the primary internet provider a backup located in a different geographical area is brought online

Backup Generators

In addition to reliable power from the grid, the data center has multiple uninterruptible power supplies and a backup diesel generator. Additionally, there is a backup to the backup generator for added protection

Layers of Physical Security

Multiple layers of physical security ensure that authorized personnel has access to the cloud systems. The systems are protected and monitored with video surveillance, RFID security badges, PIN codes, biometric fingerprint scans, and server cabinet locks to maintain the integrity of our system


There are multiple state-of-the-art firewalls to protect cloud data. The servers are monitored 24/7/365 with intrusion detection software that senses, prevents, and disrupts hacking attempts

Geographic Redundancy

In addition to the primary data center in the US, all data is encrypted and backed to a secondary US-based facility as extra protection from natural disasters

Work on the fly from anywhere with ORANGE computing solutions

 Our cloud services run from any internet connected device i.e. office/home computers, smartphones and tablets. You can work from your desktop computer and pick up on your smartphone or tablet exactly where you left off if you choose to leave the office. ORANGE Computers provides the flexibility to work remotely. For some clients, our services allow for the elimination of a physical office altogether. ORANGE Computers lets you enjoy the work-life balance of your choosing without losing productivity

Document Control

As your business grows the importance of document control increases. Before the cloud, this was done through the exchange of physical media devices or unsecured email exchanges. Sooner or later this old-fashioned method leads to conflicting file types, content, formats, and templates. ORANGE Computers eliminates this threat through maintained document control. All files are stored centrally on our servers. Every employee sees one version of the true file. We can even control access to certain files for specific employees. Managers/Supervisors can customize exactly who has access to sensitive data. Edits and modifications are saved instantly and those changes are reflected for every user


Prior to Cloud computing, all business data and applications were stored within a single machine. If that device is lost, stolen or has become malware infected the data is vulnerable to third party intrusion. Cloud computing eliminates this threat completely. Customer data is stored off-site in our data center. We provide and maintain protection against third party intrusion. Think of the data center like a bank vault for your data. Only authorized users have access to it. Whether you need it or not, you’re going to have to take your business to the Cloud in the future. If you think about it, your email is already on the Cloud. Why not take your other business applications such as office applications, finance & accounting, document storage, security, backup, sales & marketing etc. there too? As more and more companies are moving to the Cloud, you should consider moving your business to the cloud as well

Gain A Competitive Edge

Moving to the Cloud gives access to enterprise-class technology no matter the size of the business. Smaller businesses can now operate with the same agility and functionality of much larger established competitors. Business owners around the globe have started to move their business to the Cloud due to various factors including improvement in productivity, lowering of cost, added security and more. Here is a list of reasons why you should also move your business to the Cloud

Better Technology. Better World

Moving to the cloud not only makes our customer’s business lean and flexible but it is also environmentally friendly. ORANGE Cloud Servers are tailored specifically for our client’s operational needs. Server capacity is adjusted accordingly to scale. Unnecessary energy consumption is eliminated resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. ORANGE Computers strives to provide the highest quality of services while also seeking sustainable solutions